Welcome to Xaviers Learning and Research Foundation
XLR Foundation is a Non-Profit organization registered with the Charities Commissioner
& believes firmly in its 4E Philosophy -  Educate, Emigrate, Employ & Enable
& pursues the same each day by building

Building Global Careers

We at XLR foundation is passionate about our agenda to create global citizens by building Global Careers.

To this end we profess a very practical philosophy to rejuvenate our society. We aspire to have one member of every family live and work in a foreign land and thus gain a broader vision of life. The mafia of the so called leaders with a singular petty policy to devide to rule can be weakened and in the long run defeated only when One member of each middle class family learn to live and work with any class, cast , colour or creed and in the bargain earn a 6 figure salary. This would automatically transform the family, who would in turn shun the devisive forces ever after and be able to evolve a tolerant Nation. Today we are plagued by anarchy and destruction fuelled by Total Intolerance engineered by the corrupt 'political mafia' would go to any extent: even use religion for their political gains.

All our activities, viz: Educate, Employ, Emigrate and Enable revolve around this singular philosophy.