Welcome to Xaviers Learning and Research Foundation
XLR Foundation is a Non-Profit organization registered with the Charities Commissioner
& believes firmly in its 4E Philosophy -  Educate , Emigrate, Employ & Enable
& pursues the same each day by building
XLR Foundation is an Institution engaged in building global careers. The Foundation promotes, in consonance with its Philosophy, Education, Employment, Emigration and Enabling opportunities to aspiring candidates, education providers and employment providers. The Foundation is passionate about building successful global careers and to this end enables various educational and employment pursuits & believes firmly in its 4E Philosophy - Educate, Emigrate, Employ & Enable & pursues the same each day by CREATING GLOBAL CITIZENS

Tomorrow's careers are essentially global. So also education and employment. Thinking global is no longer a mantra. It is a necessity and in such a competitive environment, a foreign education and work experience are your passport to the globalised world. Everybody agrees that education is an investment & so might as well invest in a global environment, as education from a good foreign university betters your prospects of landing a high-flying international job manifold. Living in a foreign country can change your perceptions about yourself and the world around you. You need to be a global citizen even before you can work in a multinational environment.