Welcome to Xaviers Learning and Research Foundation
XLR Foundation is a Non-Profit organization registered with the Charities Commissioner
& believes firmly in its 4E Philosophy -  Educate, Emigrate, Employ & Enable
& pursues the same each day by building
  • Arrangement for fees reduction.
  • Unique Scholarship arrangements and free seats.
  • Transfer to campus from nearest airport on arrival.
  • On campus housing, full meal plans
  • Accidental/illness cover, emergency assistance with access to toll free numbers.
  • Assistance for host family and work on campus.
  • Settlement opportunities/work permit options after studies.
  • Help to obtain educational loans, at as low as 5 to 6 % interest rates.
  • Help you get admissions even on low TOEFL/ GMAT/GRE Scores
  • Offer complete assistance in preparing and registering for tests
  • Help you get financial assistance on the basis of merit and special skills
  • Help you get admission and full Assistantship & Fellowship
  • Help you get admission and scholarships even from other departments
  • Assist you in creating the smartest Application Strategy - one that optimizes your success possibilities, efforts and budget
  • Devise a "SmartList" - The institutions where you would enjoy the highest admissions and Scholarship probability
  • Help you write the most powerful SOPs and Essays
  • Help you strategically convert your Marks Statements into US Grade Point Average (GPA) Equivalent
  • Help you develop the smartest career and post-study plans
  • Help you in preparing and completing all the documents required for educational loan, foreign exchange clearances, travel and visa

Our service offering include :

  • Educational Loans

    Financial aid is an important factor to consider for students applying abroad. Careful planning is both necessary and wise. Foreign nationals are required to show proof of sufficient funds to cover at least the first year of their college education to apply for a student visa.
    The burden of securing necessary funding can be challenging, and sometimes frustrating.
    We provide you with various meansand options to achieve this.
  • Insurance

  • Visa Preparation

    Visa is a permission granted by any country to enter that country. For securing the Visa of any country, you have to apply to the consulate office of that country in your own country. Visa granted by a foreign country may be of various types, with different conditions attached to each of them. A Transit Visa allows you to stay in that country just for a day or two, while a Tourist Visa may allow you to stay for periods up to several months. For a Business Visa, the periodicity of the Visa depends on your need to stay in that country. A student Visa is granted to students and is valid generally for the period of study ( including grace period) and permission of work outside university is not allowed. Almost all these Visas will stipulate that you cannot take up a job in that country during the period of your stay.
    We assist you in preparing the necessary documents and collaterals to smoothn and increase you chances of getting a VISA.
  • Ticketing

  • Home Stay

    A homestay student is not a boarder is regarded as a welcome guest, who, under the best of circumstances, will become a temporarily adopted member of the family. This means that homestay families assume certain responsibilities and, in turn, receive special blessing from the privilege of hosting a student from another country.
    We assist you in securing a good family for your Home Stay.
  • Scholarships

    Many foreign institutions offer scholarships to their students based on certain criteria. Scholarships help reduce the initial financial load on you and your family.
    It is our goal to provide you - the international student - with the best study abroad options available.
  • Money Remittance

  • Internships on Course Completion

  • And many more...